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Is Your Property Manager Leaving Money on the Table?

Having a reliable property manager is crucial for maximizing the value of your property and ensuring a steady income stream. In this blog post, we will highlight potential areas where your property manager might be falling short, resulting in missed financial opportunities. By examining the aspects of a direct booking website, monthly inspection routine, checklist for routine cleans, and management of property linens, we’ll shed light on common areas that may lead to money being left on the table.

1. Lack of a Direct Booking Website:

A direct booking website is a valuable tool for attracting guests without relying solely on third-party platforms. If your property manager does not have a dedicated website, they may be missing out on direct bookings, which could lead to increased costs due to platform fees and missed opportunities for setting competitive rates.

2. Inconsistent Monthly Inspection Routine:

Regular inspections are essential for identifying maintenance and repair needs before they become costly problems. If your property manager lacks a thorough and consistent monthly inspection routine, they may overlook issues that could escalate over time. This oversight can result in higher maintenance and repair costs, negatively impacting your profitability.

3. Inadequate Checklist for Routine Cleans:

Maintaining a clean and well-presented property is crucial for guest satisfaction and positive reviews. If your property manager does not utilize a comprehensive checklist for routine cleans, certain areas may be neglected or overlooked. This can lead to increased cleaning costs, negative guest experiences, and potential damage to your property’s reputation.

Housekeeper cleaning a rental unit

4. Neglecting Management of Property Linens:

Proper management of property linens is essential for providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests. If your property manager fails to prioritize the management of linens, it can result in worn-out or stained linens, leading to negative guest experiences, lower occupancy rates, and potential damage to your property’s reputation.

5. Missed Opportunities for Continuous Improvement:

A proactive property manager should consistently seek ways to enhance guest experiences, increase occupancy rates, and optimize rental income. If your property manager lacks a mindset of continuous improvement, they may miss out on opportunities to implement new strategies, technologies, or marketing techniques that could boost your property’s performance and financial returns.


While property managers play a critical role in maximizing your property’s value, they can sometimes fall short in key areas, leaving money on the table. By evaluating the presence of a direct booking website, the consistency of monthly inspections, the utilization of checklists for routine cleans, and the management of property linens, you can identify potential gaps in your property manager’s approach. It’s crucial to address these areas of concern and consider partnering with a property manager who demonstrates a proactive mindset, attention to detail, and a commitment to maximizing your property’s financial potential.

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