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Setting A Local Standard

At DoCo Vacations, we are not just business owners, but proud members of the Door County community. We live, work, and raise our families here, so we understand the importance of maintaining safe and close-knit neighborhoods, as well as ensuring the availability of affordable housing. Additionally, as a vacation rental company, we recognize the crucial role that tourism plays in our local economy.

The trend towards vacation rentals and unique accommodations is changing the travel landscape, and we believe that it’s important to find a balance between the needs of our guests and the interests of our community. To set the local standard, we have implemented the following policies:

  1. We will never list a residential-zoned home as a vacation rental in Sturgeon Bay. We understand that having a new set of neighbors every weekend erodes the sense of community and trust among residents.
  2. In Northern Door, we exercise discretion in determining which homes are suitable for vacation rentals. We understand that renting out summer homes has been a tradition for over a century, and that it can be an important source of income for owners. When we do rent these homes, we will make the rules clear, monitor the properties, and aim to act as good neighbors.
  3. When developing new projects, we prioritize uniqueness, thoughtfulness, and innovation. We recognize that there is a place for condominiums, but we do not want to contribute to the “over-condoing” of Door County. We want to preserve the character of our communities while offering high-quality vacation rental options.

Our goal is to serve as a role model for other vacation rental managers and owners, and to continue setting the bar high. As our industry grows, it is essential that we are thoughtful and engaged with our community, taking into consideration the needs of all stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that our business practices benefit our guests and the Door County community as a whole.